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Are you launching your startup?

Validate your idea, get more traction and WOW investors! We can help you with lead generation (collecting email addresses, installs for your app, etc..) as well as growing your user base and launching on BetaList, LaunchingNext and Product Hunt.

Have you already launched?

Get a full marketing team working for you for less of the cost of hiring a single employee. You would also not having to train us like you would do for a new hire. We can help you with social media, growth hacking and setting up awesome digital funnels!

Geex for DarwinBeats

Here is what Couroche Kalantary, founder of DarwinBeats and long-time client had to say about Geex:

Mike (note: Mike is our Chief Geek) is one of the most resourceful people you'll find on the internet. He is also very professional, yet friendly.

I use Geex for too many things to calculate a specific ROI. To me they are like jack of all trades that specialize in online marketing. I would definitely rehire them again!


An army of geeks is waiting to help you


You've all heard the online marketing mantra "content is king." If you are producing more high-quality content on a regular basis than your competitors, search engines will serve up your site first. A regular blog handled by a freelance SEO writer is an affordable way to boost your site's rank and convert your increased traffic into increased sales. We will write an high-quality, original blog post every week written in your style and with your target audience in mind.

Social Media Content Creation & Marketing

You know social media will help grow your business - but you don't have the time to do it yourself or the money for an expensive social media manager. With our help, your social media feed is posting content that is relevant to your industry, with specific and appropriate hashtags - all in your voice! We will take over your Social Media by pulling the best content from around the web, establishing you as an expert. We can also run ad campaigns for your startup.

Funnel Growth

First, we will design a high-converting landing page that uses UX and UI best practices. Having in place a beautiful landing page that is designed to create desire in people is the foundation of any good funnel. Next, we will create a beautiful 5-page pdf (lead magnet) to capture more leads. Here you are incentivizing people to give you their contact information. This includes a 30 minute strategy session to map out your content. Lastly, we will write a compelling sequence of emails that will be sent to your email list, and every email will get your subscribers closer to taking the action that you desire (buying, downloading, reading, etc.).

Why Choose Us?

If you work at a startup you already have plenty to work on: improving your product or service, getting traction, generating sales, etc..

We would like to help you by handling the marketing processes for you so that you can free up more time to focus on the high leverage activities that can move your startup forward.

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