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How We Work

3 Simple Steps

1. Submit Your Request

Send your scraping request and we'll get to work. We can also help refine your request to ensure you get the highest return on your investment.

2. Receive Your Data

We work to extract the data and deliver it to you. We can deliver it in different formats to fit your needs.

3. Refine With Feedback

Once we've sent you an update, we will collaborate with you to fine-tune the details to your satisfaction. Bottom line: Your success is our success.

About Us

Scraping since 2011

Data is the new oil water

I'm Mike. I've been building multiple software products from scratch, with no outside investments, no team, and even no CS degree.

All of my products are around the idea of collecting third-party data for profit. They include a competitive intelligence tool for e-commerce, a trend spotting tool, and more.

I started Geex to help startups grow their business and get a competitive advantage by providing them with the data they need.

I also teach a course on reverse engineering through technical scraping where I teach how to collect, transform and use third-party data to get a competitive advantage.

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Unlimited Requests

Ask and you shall receive. Just submit your request and we'll add it to the backlog. Need something bumped up the list? Just let us know.

Fixed Monthly Price

Scales To Your Needs

No fluctuating costs or hidden fees.
We offer a fixed predictable price to give you peace of mind as you grow your business.

Geex scales to meet your needs. You can cancel at anytime. There are no long-term contracts, commitments or hidden fees.

Clear Pricing

No long-term contracts, commitments or hidden fees.

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    Fully actionable recommendations

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    One-off fee.

    Learn how to scrape with our course (18 lessons and counting).

    Ideal for people who want to get their hands dirty.



    Monthly fee.

    Great if you want to hand off scraping to experts!

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